Art 4040 Project 3 Plan



For project 3 I will create a small couture collection from my sketches using the highest end material. I plan to split my work up in the 4 weeks I have for this project as follows:

Week 1- Finish last T- Shirt, make use of 3 thread overlock in class, start pattern for pants

Week 2- Finish pants, start pattern for jacket

Week 3- Continue working on jacket

Week 4- Finish up jacket and photograph garments on model


Art 4040 Project: Art Object

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  • I was inspired by artist Guerra de la Paz. He uses clothing to make a political statement about the wastefulness of the fast fashion process. I am using clothing to make the same political statement, but in my own way.
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  • My art object is a torn up T shirt with clear plastic details and tagging along the side front panels. I started with the idea of a coke bottle; mass produced, environmentally damaging, generic, and the symbol of American capitalism. The bottle then becomes a metaphor for fast fashion which is also mass produced, environmentally damaging, generic, and a symbol of American capitalism. I wanted to use the bottle as an inspiration for the silhoutte, which is why I added the clear plastic details, geometric panels, and wide bottle- neck. The deterioration of the shirt expresses how quickly fast fashion clothing falls apart and is discarded. The tagging is meant to representĀ a rebellion against the fast fashion system. My work would be exhibited at the Broad Museum in LA.



I intend to create a collection which is a critique on the consumer society in the United States. I intend to use materials and silhouettes reminiscent to those of packaging used in stores across the country. The pieces will be tied together with colorful, eccentric branding prints created through screen printing.